Women's Sports Bras

Buy Gymshark Sports Bras in Australia

A Sports Bra is a staple of any workout wardrobe. Whether you're lifting, running or training for mobility, you want a fashionable yet comfortable sports bra.

Finding the best sports bra to support you, and your girls, is never easy but it couldn't be more important. A well fitted and supportive sports bra will reduce your chest's movement during a workout and minimise any impact to your breasts; making for a comfortable and pain free training session.

For low impact training, such as Pilates or Yoga, check out our Low Impact Sports Bras, which have a more relaxed level of support than their mid to high support counterparts.

For medium impact training, like running or strength training, a medium support sports bra keeps you secure during less rigorous workouts.

For high impact training, try our High Support Sports Bras. They're not just functional - our high impact sports bras also look incredible, with a range of cuts, styles and fastening options to suit your needs.

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