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Gym & Weightlifting Gloves

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    Gym & Weightlifting Gloves

    You put in the work in the gym, we just give you a helping hand. Our collection of weightlifting gloves are designed to give you the protection and grip you need for every push, pull and pump. Designed for both men and women, our unisex workout gloves feature a range of colours and styles.

    You’ll find fingerless designs and mesh detailing, which increase breathability, to keep you cool and comfortable. Our lifting gloves with wraps provide support help to keep your wrist stable and Velcro fastening that keeps them secure.

    If you love our gym gloves, check out our other weightlifting accessories, as well as such as gym bags, socks and bottles.

    What are gym gloves for?

    Gym gloves help to keep your hands protected whilst you’re in the gym, whether you’re doing calisthenics or lifting. As you lift heavier, your grip and the skin on your hands can take the hit. This is where lifting gloves come in, as they can improve grip whilst the padding keeps you comfortable, so you can go for even more reps.

    What’s the difference between weightlifting gloves and lifting straps?

    The difference between weightlifting gloves and lifting straps is the assistance they give you when you lift. A lifting strap provides lifting assistance by helping you maintain connection with the bar. A weightlifting glove offers protection for your hands while you lift and improves your grip.