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Moisture Wicking Shirts

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    Moisture Wicking Shirts for Men

    Explore our collection of moisture wicking shirts, designed to keep you dry whether you’re on the track or the gym floor. No matter the workout, having clothes that keep you feeling comfortable is essential, so you can focus on performing without distractions. Choose from a variety of colours, styles and fits to find the moisture wicking shirt that will have you feeling your best; from muscle fit which highlights your muscles, to slim fit which has a tapered design, or the classic regular fit.

    Gone are the days of being weighed down by your gym clothes, stay dry and take performance to the next level with our sweat wicking shirts.

    What is a moisture wicking shirt?

    A moisture wicking shirt draws sweat from the skin, keeping you dry as you work out. Created with innovative fabrics that pull sweat away to the outer layer of the material where it quickly evaporates, moisture wicking shirts are an essential for all; from beginners to performance athletes.

    What are moisture wicking shirts made from?

    Our sweat wicking t-shirts and long sleeve tops are usually made from synthetic fabrics such as Polyester or Nylon, which are well known for their sweat wicking properties. Whereas fabrics such as cotton are much better suited for comfy rest days as they are super soft but can also hold on to moisture. Our moisture wicking fabrics are combined with our innovative technologies such as BRZE™️ which enhances breathability and ventilation, or ESNCE™️ anti odour technology which allows you run, squat and lift with peace of mind.