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Sports Bras for Running

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Racerback High Support Sports Bra
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Running Sports Bras

Shop Sports bras for running

Explore our collection of running sports bras and take your training to the next level. Here to support you through every stride, our bras for running combine sweat wicking technology with soft, yet durable, materials. Keeping you comfortable throughout your run. Whether you’re working your way up to your first 5K or training for an ultra-marathon, our sports bra are designed to keep your breasts supported by minimising impact whilst you move, keeping everything in place so you can focus on maximising your performance.

Choose from an array of colours and styles to find the sports bra that will give you a boost of confidence before your run. You might opt for soft purples, vibrant pinks or deep blues. We also have the classic black running bra’s which are a wardrobe staple for runners.

What type of sports bra is best for running?

Each of our collections offers its own range of benefits, it’s all about deciding which will help you perform at your best. Or if you love the benefits of each, you could mix and match between ranges to have a running bra to suit any mood.

The Lightweight running bra is a true running essential. It’s - you guessed it - lightweight and breathable. Featuring moulded cups and comfortable straps, it’s the barely there sports bra that will also keep your chest feeling secure.

Look out for our Dual Cup sizing, which is available on bras such as our Cut out and Racerback running sports bras. Our Dual cup sizing fits two cup sizes, so for example the size B/C will fit both a B and C up. You can also find a range of adjustable features, including adjustable straps, elasticated bands and hook and eye fastenings, which allow you to tweak and adjust until you find the perfect fit.

For those looking for a little more coverage, our high neck running sports bras are ideal. Featuring the same support, durability and adjustability but with a high neck, to keep you and yours extra secure.

How do I protect my breasts when running?

This is where a supportive sports bra will be your best friend, our running sports bras will help to reduce any impact and keep chest movements to a minimum. This is why it’s crucial as a runner to protect your breasts with a supportive running sports bra.

Is it OK to run in a regular bra?

Running in a regular bra is not recommended. This is because a regular bra will usually have little to no compression, and thin straps that don’t offer the support and security needed to minimise impact. A normal bra might also have underwiring, which can be extremely uncomfortable when running as it can dig in under the arms and rub against your skin.

When it comes to materials, regular bras aren’t designed to be suitable for running, as you’ll find fabrics that aren’t breathable or quick drying that can become heavy when drenched with sweat. The materials that regular bras are made from aren’t usually created for softness with repetitive movement, often having details such as lace or mesh.

So, it is crucial to ensure you are wearing a suitable bra for running to ensure you can stay comfortable, and get the maximum out of your performance.

How should a sports bra fit for running?

Your running sports bra should be slightly tight, but not uncomfortable. Here are a few things to look out for:


Your straps should be tight enough that they are supporting your breasts but shouldn’t be digging in too deeply. Playing around with the adjustable straps can help you find the most comfortable position.


There shouldn’t be a gap between your breasts and the cup, but equally your boobs shouldn’t be spilling out of the sides or the top of the sports bra. Our dual cup sizing is perfect for when you’re not 100% sure on size, are in between sizes or having one of those days where you fluctuate in size.


The band on our running bra should be comfortably snug, meaning a little bit of compression is needed to hold it firm in place, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it digs in or makes it difficult to breathe. Our adjustable bands should help you find the ideal fit.

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